Sailing the Curvature of the Earth -The Series   
Book 1 -
A Vision Quest

                                             Book 2 -
South By Southwest

                                                                                                        Book 3 - To The Edge Of Darkness

Book 4 - For There Be Monsters.......NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!

Sailing the Curvature of the Earth

Adventure abounds as Mac and his old Hostage Rescue Team fight against time and unknown assailants in the search for Victoria. All the while Mac continues in his struggle with the love of his life, Allessandra. He tries to piece together what went wrong and where they are headed as the two of them, the HRT team, Allessandra's father, Gunslingers, and Doggies get into the action. They are all caught into a web of abduction, transnational human trafficking, attacks, and murder. 

               Follow them in ... A Vision Quest... as they travel ... South by Southwest ... and
 ...To The Edge of Darkness...For There Be Monsters...waiting for them throughout this
                                                       Adventure on the High Seas!


                                                                                                                                                 BOOK FOUR
                                                                                                                     NOW AVAILABLE!!!

                  BOOK ONE                                               BOOKS TWO & THREE


     William Mackenzie Donovan, a retired maritime attorney and former Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) leader, struggles with the unexpected departure of his lover of eleven years, Allessandra. Looking for answers, Mac sets out from his home in Charleston, South Carolina on a vision quest. He finds himself in Antwerp, Belgium, where the sailboat of his dreams awaits.

     The stage is set for the adventure of a lifetime as he makes his way around Europe, encountering long lost friends and unexpected crewmen, ex-lovers and human traffickers, and even members of his old HRT Team.

     The mystery builds when Victoria suddenly disappears and unknown attackers show up, trying to murder Mac. With the help of some old Gunslingers and Doggies, the journey leads to destinations south by southwest. Eventually, the "Ice Princess", Dejanna Sawicki goes undercover, to the edge of darkness, as bait for the human traffickers, Russian mobsters, and the leader of the ring, himself! 

     The vision quest ends off the coast of Italy in a deadly confrontation, leaving a shipmate and friend dead. Mac then makes way for the South Pacific with an unexpected companion and lover to start anew.....

              Join me in the adventure of a lifetime on the high seas! 
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the old, the uncertain, and....
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